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Friday and Saturday from 8am to noon (or until we are sold out)



You can double check your upcoming order by logging into your account at and clicking on the box in the top right corner. There you will see a list of what's coming next.
Please note, there is no need to confirm your delivery. If it's in that box, consider it done.
Got a coupon code? SWEET. Click on the your order basket, choose the order you want to add it to and enter it where it says 'Discount Code'  Click apply and voila. Yer dun.
And yeah, the coupon code in this picture will probably work for your next order too. Feel free to try it out!
We ask that all subscribers have at least one recurring item. This allows us to best manage the number of customers we serve and route our bikers efficiently. It's also your way of saying, 'Yeah! I wanna be part of this!'

Here's a 4 minute video overviewing recurring orders, or you can read on below:

To set up a recurring order just choose Every Week, Every Other Week, Or Once A Month from the drop down of a selected item. That's how easy it is! If you don't see these options in the dropdown menu, this is seasonal or limited item and can't be set up as a recurring order.

Yes, you can set up multiple recurring orders. You can also set them up for alternate weeks. For example, you could have a monthly order of Blue Collar Blend coffee, an every other week After School Special order, on the alternate every other weeks add some Almond Scones, and then include a weekly order of Fwuffy. Taking 5 minutes to set this up guarantees ongoing ease.

Deleting a recurring item from an upcoming order just deletes it from that days order. If you'd like to make a permanent change, go to your Recurring Orders tab in your account and make the needed changes there.

With your recurring order set up, you're good to go! And you can always add on one time items - get this - even on week you don't have a recurring order scheduled! For example, if you get a monthly order of Classic Cruiser and your delivery day is Wednesday, you can add any items any Wednesday of the month.
Biker's Choice is a rotation of unique breads that don't make it into our daily line up. To see what the next few weeks of Biker's Choice bread are going to be, simply click on the 'What's Inside' icon on the Biker's Choice Box image. There you can scroll through the next few weeks and see what's coming up.
Email and we will cancel your membership. We require two days prior notice of your upcoming delivery.
If we screw up your order let us know. We’ll make it right or refund your money. 
Payment details are added upon sign up. We accept Credit/Debit or E-Check.
Upcoming orders are billed the morning before your delivery day. If there is a payment issue you will receive an email asking you to update your billing information by logging into your account. If payment issues persist we reserve the right to put your account on hold till we resolve the issue.
Payment methods can be updated by logging into your account.

This cost, averaged at $1/month, reflects the additional administrative costs that occur with account maintenance and delivery fulfillment.



If you live in an area of St. Paul that our bikers frequent, then you are able to receive home deliveries. Your home address decides what day of the week you receive deliveries (e.g. the Highland Park neighborhood is always delivered to on Tuesdays).  Home delivery folks are usually delivered to between 10:30am and 3:30pm on their day of delivery.

As a member it's your responsibility to provide a delivery space that is safe from pests and inclement weather. A cooler or rubbermaid bin labeled “Brake Bread” on your front step works best. Other methods of storage (such as a reusable bag) are ok, but squirrels are jerks and rain is soggy.

Brake Bread partners with local businesses and community members to provide over 25 pick up sites throughout St. Paul. This is a good option for folks who live just outside our delivery zones or who are interested in saving a few bucks.

Scroll through your options on your Account Info page, or if you are new, by clicking "Sign Up". Read the supplied information concerning your pick up location before committing (does that day/time work for your schedule?). Then, all you need to do is show up during the provided pick up time window!

All orders not picked up by the end of the pick up window will be donated.
When you sign up for a pickup location you will get an email with the address and times for pickup. You can also find the info under "Account Info"
Here's a video explaining how: Checking Your Pickup Location
To put your account on hold:
Log in to your account
Under "My Account" choose "delivery hold"
Enter the dates you will be gone and you're all set!

If it's safe for a biker to be out, we deliver by bike. We do have a mini-van that serves as a sag wag and is used for some of our wholesale accounts. It has a tape deck. What more do you need to know?



Unfortunately Brake Bread does not slice bread.
Baker’s Tip: For loaves such as Fwuffy, it works well to place the loaf on its side when slicing at home — slices are much more consistent.


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